Different Types Of General Lens & Coatings For Your Next Set Of Prescription Glasses

Posted on: 27 July 2017

When ordering prescription glasses online, you need to be more aware of your lens options as there will not be a professional by your side, walking you through the purchasing process, like when you purchase glasses in a glass store. There are three primary types of lens that you can choose from, and then four different types of coatings that can be applied to each of those types of lens.

Types Of Lens

There are three primary types of lens that you can purchase when you order your prescription glasses online.

Polarized Lenses: These types of lenses are equipped with a special type of filter that helps reduce glare when you are outside. It does this by blocking light from different angles and light that bounces off surfaces such as road, water, and windows.

Digital Lenses: Digital lenses are a new way of manufacturing lenses. This manufacturing method results in lenses that are made more accurately and that get rid of any distortion that can occur with regular lenses.

Light-Reactive Lenses: Light reactive lenses are made to change the color of the lens based on how much light is around. Some of these lenses are more sensitive to light than others, and they can change to different colors as well.

Types Of Lens Coatings

Each of the three types of lenses above can be coated with different types of coats. Here are the most common types of lens coatings that you can add to your glasses.

Scratch-Coating: This is a hard type of coating that is added to the top of your lens. It is designed to reduce the probability that the lens will get scratched. This is great if you take your glasses on and off frequently or are really active. It will help the lenses on your glasses last longer.

Tints: There are all types of tints that can be applied to your glasses. Tints add color to your lens and change the way that the world looks. You can get your lenses tinted so that they are darker and less light is let in.

Mirror Coatings: This type of coating adds a shiny finish to your glasses. This can help reflect away bright light. Solid mirror coatings create highly reflective lenses and flash mirror coatings create subtler lenses coatings that let in more color.

Anti-Reflective: An anti-reflective coating is designed to reduce glare off your actually lenses themselves. This will help create a crisper view for you.

Make sure that you understand the different types of lenses and lens coatings available to you, as well as which set-up is best for your eyes before you order prescription glasses online.